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Down to Coate water.  It's 6:45 and there's only three of us there - Irwin, Dani, Me.  It's the first time I have managed to get to play on sand this year and I really want to play!  I'm worried it might not happen!  We put up the net, begin to knock a ball about, and gradually folks arrive.  We end up enough to play seven on six!  Great evening.

We met two new ladies who were intrigued enough to come and play with us.  They abandoned their plan to go a pilates class. 

So Laurence (France), and Celia (Norway), we enjoyed having your company.  If you had a good time do come along and enjoy Volleyball again.  We play on grass over at Lydiard Park on Wednesdays so there's another chance to join in and have even more fun.

Finally to the pub with Jodie and Dani to talk about weird interview questions (!?! - Eg - How many hairdressers are there in Cologne?) and fail to answer any (OK Jodes - you got some) questions in the pub quiz.

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