Historic Win for the Bees

Bassett Bees - First Ever Win in Premier League

31st November 2008 - Bassett Bees score their first ever victory in the Premier Division of the Wiltshire Leagues.  A brilliant result.  We have won the odd set or two this season, and maybe even lost a couple we should have won.  The team has stayed well focussed, despite the defeats and by playing as a team finally got a great result.

24 - Kathryn, 33 - Andy, 3 - John, 26 - Luisa, Black - Cinzia, 10 - Irwin, 16 - Bing, 25 - Mariana.

Sadly this is Mariana's last match for the Bees.  We're going to miss you; but what a note to go out on!

Wootton Bassett Bees

Wootton Bassett Volleyball Club's second team - the Famous Bassett Bees - plays in the Premier Division of the Wiltshire Leagues.

Results in Wiltshire 2008/9

We had two 'B' Teams in the pre season tournement.  The Buzzards and the Braves.  The Buzzards won the Plate competition, the Braves lost in their semi-final    
 v Aquaea Sulis Apollos 0:3
Against last season's premier division winners, we were quite pleased to get 15 points in the second set.
19-Oct-2008  v Calne Comets 0:3
 21-25, 18-25, 20-25
02-Nov-2008  v Olympiad A 1:2
 24-26, 19-25, 10-25 Against a side that finished 3rd in the Premier Division last season we did well to to take our first set of the season.  I'm hoping there are many more to come.
09-Nov-2008  v Aquae Sulis Blades 1:2 Another so close-but-so-far story.  We played well, but came second 
16-Nov-2008  v Calne Meteorites (in the Dave Kinder Cup) 3:1 Yahay - our first victory of the season
23-Nov-2008  v Devizes 6X 0:3 Devizes are a very strong team.  It was always going to be hard to win against them.  We got lots of points, and even came clsoe a taking a set, but still no cigar.
30-Nov-2008  v Salisbury Druids  2:1

 Woot!  A historic victory.  The first match EVER won by Bassett Bees in the Premier Division.  A huge well done to the team.

What a great way to celebrate Mariana's last match for the Bees before she leaves us.

14-Dec-2008  v Wootton Bassett Aces    
   Christmas Break
15-Jan-2009 v Devizes 6X 0:3  Devizes are a very strong team.  We did well to come second.
 1-Feb-2009 v Aquae Sulis Appollos  0:3  The Appollos are another very strong team.  We did well again to come second 
15-Feb-2009 v Calne Comets  0:3 Oh so close to winning a set
2-Mar-2009 v Olympiad A  1:2  Lost the first set - we always seem to be slow starters.  Leading the second set at 21:17, we got penalized for a service rotation fault.   That seemed to throw the team off balance, and we lost a set we had a decent chance to win.  We did win the third set though.  A small consolation.
15-March-2009 v Aquae Sulis Blades     
26-March-2009 v Salisbury Druids    
26-April-2009 v Wooton Bassett Aces    



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