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2013-07-21 Whitefield Tournament

RWB sent three teams to the Whitefield International Volleyball Tournament...

  • SP7210003 RWB Women.JPG
  • SP7210005 RWB Men.JPG
  • SP7210008 Yorkabouts.JPG
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2013-07-14 Pre Whitefield Practice

We went to a park in Chippenham as a pre Whitefield warm up session

  • SDSC_4941 We Love Volleyball.JPG
  • SDSC_4942 - There is always one.JPG
  • SDSC_4946 Ready for Play.JPG
  • SDSC_4948 Full Reach.JPG
  • SDSC_4951 Full-On Concentration.JPG
  • SDSC_4963 Kathryn up to Hit.JPG
  • SDSC_4967 Tired and Happy.JPG
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2013-07-07 Lydiard Park

A Tuesday evening outdoor session. Come along-all welcome.

  • SDSC_4885- A Sunny Evening.JPG
  • SDSC_4887 - Proper Volleyball.JPG
  • SDSC_4890 - Enthusiastic Supporters.JPG
  • SDSC_4893 - A Great Turnout.JPG
  • SDSC_4895 - Lydiard Park is a Lovely Spot.JPG
  • SDSC_4898-Film Stars Watch Us.JPG
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Collecting Silverware

At the 2012-13 presentation evening

  • SIMG_1027-Collecting Silverware for 2012-13.JPG
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