Ladies/Juniors Team

The ladies/juniors league operates differently to the mixed league.  All the teams get together, on set dates, at Bath sports centre and play each other.  When you see the strange looking scores you need to know that they play timed matches, the score at the end of the period gives the result.



Venue Results
25-Nov-2007 Bath

Unbeaten all day

v Calne 31-20, v Melksham A 38-21, v Devizes A 35-21

06-Jan-2008 Bath v Calne 18-25, v Devizes 27-24, v Salisbury 37-22, v Bath 26-21, Then a loss in the final against Calne


06 Jan 2008 - Bassett Ladies In The Medals

Match Reporting by Phil Heads

The Ladies Cup was held in Bath today, and once again WB shone against the odds.  Seven players travelled without any setters, so Mia and Helen volunteered and did a fantastic job all day.  Unfortunately Kathryn sprained ankle ligaments in the second match and we were down to six players.  We lost the first match 18-25 to Calne while our setters got used to their new positions, then the WB team spirit and competitiveness kicked in.  Everyone made valuable contributions as we won three matches to reach the final: Devizes 27-24, Salisbury 37-22, Bath 26-21.  Kathryn, Tracey and Jodie dominated the middle, while Mariana and Danni once again excelled.  Sadly we ran out of energy in the final against Calne and their NVL players, but all our players should be proud to win medals with no recognised setters through a wonderful team spirit!

Squad: Mia, Helen, Kathryn, Jodie, Tracey, Mariana, Danni... and Phil (coach).

25 Nov 2007 - Bassett Ladies Clean Sheet

Match Reporting by Phil Heads

With only 3 players remaining from last year and minimal training together, WB Ladies ventured into the unknown today... and triumphed in the first WVA ladies/juniors league tournament of 07/08.

In an 8-team tournament, we were drawn in the strongest pool.  Undaunted, we beat Calne 31-20, Melksham A 38-21, and arch-rivals Devizes A 35-21.  Our volleyball was good, but our attitude was even better as we recovered from 2-8 against Melksham and 1-7 against Devizes.

And so to the play-off for first place, where Aquae Sulis (Bath) were determined to teach Kathryn a lesson for switching her allegiance.  It was a close game all the way, and we led by only one point with 5 minutes to go, but once again WB displayed the mental toughness that marks our club out from all the others.

It's hard to believe how well everyone played and gelled as a team, so huge credit to the players:

Cinzia (leading from the front), Jodie (all battered and bruised from netball), Mia (playing in a new position), Kathryn (dragged out of her sick-bed), Dani (determined defence and power hitting), Mariana (our ultra-competitive new cheerleader) and Daniella (smiliest debutante).

Love it !!!


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