First Team

The first team plays in the Premier Division of the Wiltshire Leagues.

Results - in Wiltshire 2006/7 season.

Finished second to Westbury (well done Westbury) in the Premier division.  Only two league points behind, same number of sets for, same number of sets against.  Clearly it was close at the top.

v Melksham ACCSU       1:2
v Olympiad A 2:1
v Salisbury Druids 3:0
v Devizes 2:1
v Aquae Sulis 3:0
v Westbury 1:2
v Melksham ACCSU 2:1
v Olympiad 3:0
v Salisbury Druids 3:0
v Aquae Sulis
v Westbury 3:0
v Devizes (in the Dave Kinder Cup Final) 3:0
Winners of the End of Season Tournament  


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bullet 2004/5    - Runners up in the Premier Division
bullet 2003/4    - Winners in the Premier Division


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