2006/7 Another Great Year

At the 2006/7 presentation event with the 2006/7 silverware haul.

Aquae Sulis B - 15 April 2007

Match Reporting By Jodie Pearn/Craig Rogers

3-0 is so sweet against the league winners!! Everyone played amazingly well, Mike B's hitting was amazing, Cinzia (Man of the match) played setter on her own and did an outstanding job! Tracey played well and hit some cracking shots through the middle, and thanks to Mike G and Stuart we played some excellent volleyball!

The introduction of the LOVE IT shorts bought smiles to all today, spirits were flying and so was the volleyball! We easily won the first set- to the surprise of Aquae Sulis, and our delight! Our coach (Craig) was happy that out service was consistent :) 

Second set we battled to win- i can't remember the score but i know it was close 19:23 or something, and we were down! We all pulled our socks up (for Cinza and I quite literally) and played some amazing ralleys, which of course we won! We eventually fought back, the Bees commitment to every point helped to ensure the win!!!!! 

The third set again was close- we were asleep for the first few points, but as ever Bassett's fighting spirit prevailed and we won the third and final set with some amazing play and more good serving!

What a wicked match!!! WE LOVE IT!!!!! 

Just a quick thank you to our coach- wicked as ever Craig! Also thanks to Stu and Mike G who played with us- We love you! Well played BEEEEESSSSS! Lets win the next one 3-0 too!!!!!!

Nice report Jodie. I'm glad you enjoyed the match so much, and it's nice to see yours and Cinzia's enthusiasm lift the spirts of the team. I have a great wide angle, close-up of your shorts.

Second Team

The second team plays in Division 2 of the Wiltshire Leagues

Results 2006/7 season:

Finished Second in Div 2 to Aquae Sulis B (Well done Aquae Sulis.)  Aquae Sulis only dropped one match all season - to us.

v Calne Meteorites 3:0
v Salisbury Barras 2:1
v Olympiad B 1:2
v Olympiad B 3:0
v Aquae Sulis B 1:2
v Aquae Sulis B 1:2 (again- Grr.)
v Salisbury Barras 3:0
v Calne Meteorites 2:1
v Olympiad B 3:0
v Aquae Sulis B 3:0 - Sadly we broke their unbeaten record.
v Salisbury Barras 2:1
v Calne Meteorites 1:2
Runners up in the End of Season Tournament  


bullet 2005/6    - Bottom of Div one - relegated to Div 2
bullet 2004/5    - 5th in the First Division
bullet 2003/4    - Won promotion to the First Division

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