Ladies/Juniors Team

The ladies/juniors league operates differently to the mixed league.  All the teams get together, on set dates, at Bath sports centre and play each other.  When you see the strange looking scores you need to know that they play timed matches, the score at the end of the period gives the result.

22 April 2007 - Bassett Ladies come third

Bassett Ladies ran out third on Sunday in Bath.  More detail please girls???

28 Feb 2007 - Bassett Ladies Win the Cup

Unfortunately we were not able to get a team up to send to Bath last Saturday.  Despite that we still ran out winners of the cup.  Apparantly Devizes A were very close to us and as we couldn't attend on Saturday they could have won.  Fortunately for us they didn't manage to score enough points, so we won. Well done girlies!

28 Jan 2007 - Round three - three from three

Match reporting by Phil Heads

Another fantastic result.  Our ladies team was unbeaten in Bath yesterday.  They won three out of three, to take a commanding lead at the top of the Wiltshire women's league. The full squad (including Helen up from Exeter) was too strong for Salisbury and Devizes B. The game against Devizes A was a nail biter, with WB taking then frittering away a huge lead. It was all square on the final whistle when Mia served the winner.  That reverses the defeat against Devizes A in Round 2.

Team: Cinzia, Sue (and Aurelie) - setters; Jodie, Helen, Tracey - middle; Mia, Aurelie, Magda - wing

The next round is on Sat 24 Feb, when we hope Melksham and Aquae Sulis will be there to face us!


vs Salisbury 48-26
vs Devizes A 35-34
vs Devizes B 46-34

3 Dec 2006 - Ladies Christmas Cup - Played 5 won 5

Fantastic result.  The girls were unbeaten and emerged Ladies/Juniors Christmas Cup Winners.  A big well done.  Squad - Sue, Mia, Jodie, Magda, Tracy, Aurelie, Cinzia.

Winners - Wootton Bassett.  Runners Up - Devizes A.  3rd - Salisbury.  4th - Devizes B.  5th Melksham

12Nov 2006 - Round two - three from five

Match reporting by Phil Heads

It was another good day for Wootton Bassett ladies in the second round of the women/junior league yesterday, winning three of their five matches. Our six had never played together before, and faced stronger opposition than last time. Yet by the end of the day we were displaying the famous WB toughness and will to win under pressure! Next round is 3 December, in Bath.


Team: 3 - Sue; 6 - Mia; 7 - Jodie; 15 - Helen; 17 - Jacky (guest); 22 - Magda


vs Melksham A 17-26
vs Melksham B 32-14
vs Devizes B 28-11
vs Aqua Sulis 17-19
vs Devizes A 24-16

07 Oct 2006 - In their first outing the ladies were unbeaten winning three out of three

Match reporting by Sue Mills and Phil Heads

Wootton Bassett Ladies/Juniors went to Bath to play in the Wiltshire Ladies League.  A very satisfactory result - played 3 won 3.  Congrats to Sue, Cinzia, Jodie, Mia, Matt, Aurelie and
guest player Jacky from Westbury.

Setters: Sue, Cinzia; Middle: Mia, Jodie;  Wing: Aurelie, Matt, Jacky.

Scores (30 minute timed matches): 60-22 vs Melksham; 43-33 vs Devizes A; ?? - ?? vs Devizes B

Team captain, Sue Mills said, I am delighted that Wootton Bassett is now able to field a team in the Ladies/Junior League.  The whole team played well as a unit.  We were able to deliver some great three touch Volleyball. 

Club coach, Phil Heads, said - It's a pleasure to see Wootton Bassett again have the numbers to allow running a team in the ladies/juniors league, something we have not been able to do over the last few years.  This is a great start for the ladies/juniors.  As many of them also play for our development squad it is also a good springboard for the B team campaign starting tomorrow.  It's hard to believe that Matt has only played once before - he did really well!


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