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The Ankle

Last Sunday at the Dave Kinder Cup match I suffered a turned ankle. I jumped for a block. On returning to ground I discovered that, instead of the usual flat floor of a sport centre, I landed on the foot of one of my teammates. An instant turn of the ankle was far too painful to stay on court. I couldn’t stand on it.
Luckily I could drive home and on to the GWH. There the X-Ray was clear. I can just about walk – so long as I don’t try to go far. I still have not really worked out a good way of negotiating stairs. It’s not too painful so long as I do not try to move it outside the (limited) range of movement it can cope with.
Sadly this week is a training course, and I will need to be walking all round the classroom for the week. At the moment I cannot imagine playing next weekend, maybe the week after.
In some ways I had been disappointed at the lack of pretty colours on my foot. Premature I think. I’m now seeing a whole collection of magic colours beginning to come out. It’ll probably only get more spectacular.
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