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Down to Whitechapel

I went to Whitechapel again to train with the London Lynx crowd.  As always they were very friendly.  A great session which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It's very kind of them to put up with me when I only show up about half a dozen times per year.

As we did one of the drills it did make me think that only a couple of years ago I couldn't get enough plays together to contribute very effectively to *any* kind of drill, today I felt quietly pleased that I could produce a reasonably reliable dig and get a soft smash vaguely near enough that the player could actually play it.

Most of this progress is down to a load of patience from the coaches at Wootton Bassett plus a couple of comments from other players that somehow came at the exact time when I was able to take them on board and use them to change the way I play.  Mike, the other week, was on at me to "stay low" in back court.  For some reason - that week I was receptive and it's transformed the number of balls I can get to in back court.  Thanks Mike.

So now I can get to them to mis-hit them.  I used to just see them go past me.  Ah well - that's some kind of progress.

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