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The Ankle

Stupid ups and downs. 

It seemed to get better until mid December.  By then the major swelling in my foot had gone, but there was still a globe around my ankle.  Today I went to the Osteopath.  He wonders if, despite the negative X-Ray, there was maybe a fracture after all.  The bone appears to be laying down callus.  Callus is the precursor to forming new bone. 

There can be multiple reasons for that, so it's not conclusive.  It would be an explanation why, up until December, the lower part of my shin was very sensitive to the slightest squeeze.  He manipulated and massaged the ankle, declaring that all the parts seemed to be in pretty much the correct places.  He also suggested some exercises that might help shift the swelling. 

His opinion?  "It might be a couple of months yet."  Bummer!

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