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The A team had a major match (semi-final of the KO Cup) on Sunday.  (News click here and pictures click here.)  

We (B-team) turned up to officiate.  The lads did well and won 3 sets to 1 so there was a bit of spare time and an impromptu game got started.  I could not resist.  I went on to play back court only - I refused to hit - that would have been really stupid, but I thought that careful digging should be pretty safe; and if I was really cautious to keep my little finger out of the picture then overhead passing should be OK too.

The finger didn't complain and I had a good time.

Brilliant - LOVE IT. , ,...
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You arrive early and wait for an hour and a half.  During that time the posted wait to see your consultant moves from 20mins to 1hr20m!


"Can you move it?" "Yes." "It's healing up nicely then.  Keep the strapping on for three weeks."  "When can I play Volleyball?" (Makes spluttering noise.)

I guess that means about six weeks then.

I mishandled a ball last Sunday (It was a great serve Phil) and ended up with my little finger not looking too good.  There were no crunching sounds and I reckoned it was just a bruise.

Well - it's been swelling and hurting increasingly all week.  Tonight I went to A&E - I should have accepted Bart's offer to take me up there last Sunday.  It's broken.  Fracture clinic on Monday but "Broken bones take six weeks". 

Serious .

If you have to go to A&E then picking 8:50pm on Friday seems a good choice.  I was in and out in 40minutes.  One of the nurses said it was because "Everyone is away on Easter holidays".  I assumed it was just because the pubs hadn't turned out yet.

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