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Yesterday evening at Coate only a few brave warriors could face the court and play! Read More »

Italians do not like the rain!!! Read More »

We came, we saw, we didn't quite conquer! Read More »

Five of us are going to play Ashcombe on Saturday Read More »

We played outdoors on the Coate Water, sand court last night.  Lucky with the weather, there were a few drops of rain, but nothing to get you wet.  It was sunny (Ok it was a blinding light in your eyes.) - Ten people - Craig, Richard, Jodie, Lisa, Tracey, Davide, Kev, Irwin, Matt, Ok maybe there was only nine of us.  I can't think of a tenth name!

A funny and wet tournament! Read More »

Great food, great company, dead lucky with the weather Read More »

We had a fun night at Coate... Read More »

Great court, great fun, great people Read More »

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