Club Documents

Aiken Irwin
Ball Cliff
Craighero Cinzia (Minutes)
Gozman Mariana
Heads Phil
Jakubiec Bartosz
Pearn Jodie
Petraccini Davide
Steimer Jorg
Tradowsky Daniela
Willifer Kathryn
Conrod Karen
Howells Richard
Chairman's Report
The chairman's report was circulated before the meeting and can be found on the site
Secretary's Report
The secretary's report was circulated before the meeting and can be found on the site.
Treasurer's Report
The treasurer's report was presented to the meeting and can be found on the site.
Head Coach's Report
The head coach's report was circulated before the meeting and can be found on the site.
Election of officers
The following officers were willing to continue to serve and were elected unopposed.

Irwin Aiken
Richard Howells
Vice chairman
Cliff Ball
Head coach
Phil Heads
B-team coach
Irwin Aiken
Ladies coach
Phil Heads
WVA representative
Cliff Ball
B-team coordinator
Richard Howells
The following other appointments were agreed

Kathryn Willifer
Social secretary
Mariana Gozman
Ladies team coordinator
Cinzia Craighero & Jodie Pearn
The appointment for A-team coordinator still has to be agreed.
Presentation of Club Awards
The club awards for 2007/8 are:

A team player of the season
Mike Green
B team player of the season
Robin Morris
Ladies player of the season
Daniela Tradowsky
Kevan Hobbis Award
Phil Heads
Any Other Business
The fees for the new season remain the same, i.e. £15 per month. We agreed that only in exceptional cases the committee will consider whether to accept payments per session (£4). The yearly registration fee remains £30.
Training for the new season (2008/9) will begin on Sunday 3th September. The training session format will not change from last season, it will still be a 3-hour training. The members of the club have expressed mixed feelings regarding the format in use, some members believe in having separate training sessions for the different teams, whereas other members would prefer to have more combined sessions.
Irwin will buy some proper outdoor volleyballs with the money received for helping in Challenge Swindon.
All agreed that the website and Challenge Swindon have been a good way to promote the club.
Season 2008/9 will be the 25th anniversary of Wootton Bassett Volleyball Club. It was agreed that some special event should be organised…suggestions are welcome!
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