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Balancing the financial health of our club and of our members… what is your view?
Our club has to pay for all expenses: we have no sponsor or subsidy; members provide our only source of income. 
Club expenses for the 2007-08 season were £2,400 (see Treasurer’s report 2008) and our costs, especially for hiring the leisure centre, rise each year. In 2007-08 the club broke even: income from members was equal to expenses; we made no significant surplus or loss. This season should be about the same, so long as members pay what they owe.
Club members pay for their volleyball in two ways:

Fee type
Amount and frequency
Membership subscription
£30 Annual
Affiliations, registrations, WVA competition entry fees, insurance, admin, equipment, etc
Playing fees
£15 Monthly
(£4 weekly by exception: see below)
Hall hire for training and matches, referees expenses (we do not charge match fees)
Until a few years ago, we collected playing fees weekly. However this caused difficulties: attendance, and hence income, were unpredictable; we didn’t have sufficient money to pay all our bills; we lost money; the club was threatened with closure. So the committee recommended, and members agreed, that playing fees should be paid monthly to provide more predictable income. The club has been more healthy and stable under this policy.
Our policy for playing fees has been consistent for several years now:
  • Members pay monthly Sep-Apr (regardless of how many sessions they attend)
  • Weekly payment on attendance is allowed only in exceptional circumstances. Such exceptions must be authorised by the club committee. Typical reasons may include:
o   New members – first session free
o   Juniors – reduced rate, can choose to pay weekly on attendance
o   Injury – playing fee suspended if absence exceeds 1 month
o   Social member, not wishing to play matches
o   Member rarely able to attend (eg living away, work)
o   Past member visiting occasionally
o   Financial hardship.
Note that some of our members (at least 7) belong to more than one volleyball club, and so must pay for both clubs. However this is not an allowed reason for weekly payment at WBVC.
The committee believes:
  • Club fees should be transparent and fair
  • The current policy of monthly payment is much better for the health of the club than weekly payment.
For the 2009-10 season we invite club members to debate and comment on the options below. You can contribute to this debate via the forum (club website) before members decide at the AGM.
Option 1
Continue with the current policy:
  • Monthly payment Apr-Sep
  • Weekly payment is allowed only for specified exceptions (as above)
  • Tighten up the procedure: Exceptions must be authorised by a minimum of 3 committee members including Treasurer and Chair
  • Consider two small changes:
o   Scrap the “financial hardship” exception: it is very difficult for the committee to know or judge personal circumstances, and some members believe it has been applied unfairly
o   Increase the weekly payment to £5 to make it less attractive.
Option 2
Allow members to choose whether they pay monthly or weekly:
  • We only have 18-20 regular paying members.
  • For every member that chooses this option, the club will lose income. At current rates, a member that attends and pays twice a month will pay £80 less over the whole season.
  • Under this option the club would have to consider ways of generating the “lost” income, eg:
o   Increase the subscription for all members
o   Increase all playing fees (monthly and weekly) for all members
o   Increase the weekly payment, perhaps to £6 or more.
Sponsorship is one way of reducing the cost burden on club members. However the committee does not believe this is a viable option for a small club like ours: sponsorship income is less predictable; demands something in return (eg much more effort for publicity); and we have been unsuccessful in the past (even in strong financial climates!).
What is your view on the best option for the club and its members?
Phil Heads (for the committee)
9th April 2009
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