Club Documents
1      Present

1.1.    Phil, Kathryn, Zuzana P, Irwin, Jorg, Richard, Jay, Vicky

2.       Apologies

2.1.    Zuzana Z, Mark, Olivier, Petra

3.       Minutes of last meeting

3.1.    Accepted without qualification

4.       Matters arising

4.1.    There were no matter arising

5.       Chairman’s report – see web site

6.       Secretary’s report – see web site

7.       Treasurer’s report – see web site

8.       Head Coach’s report – see web site

9.       Social Secretary’s report – see web site

9.1.    There was a general  feeling that the club should have some kind of summer get together

10.   Club Development and Sunday training format

10.1.It was agreed that the coaches would meet at the start of the season and agree a training schedule

10.2.Adult Fees were agreed as £30 per annum joining fee plus £17/month subscription.  Junior fees £15 joining plus £8/month.  The pay-to-play weekly option is abandoned

10.3.The ladies South West team will continue to play under the club name

10.4.We will enter two teams into the Wiltshire Mixed Leagues

11.   Election of Officers

11.1.Chairman – Jorg Steimer

11.2.Vice Chairman – post abolished

11.3.Treasurer – Zuzana Pritchard

11.4.Secretary – Richard Howells

11.5.Social Secretary – Zuzana P and Kathryn Broadhurst

11.6.Head Coach – Phil Heads

11.7.Aces Team Coach – Robin Morris

11.8.Bees Team Coach – Irwin Aiken

11.9.Aces Team Co-Ordinator – Open (Later taken by Andy James)

11.10.Bees Team Co-Ordinator – Open (Later taken by Russ Moody)

11.11.Ladies Team Co-Ordinator – Kathryn Broadhurst

11.12. WVA Representative – Jorg Steimer

11.13.Ladies and Juniors Coach – Phil Heads

12.   Presentation of Club Awards

12.1.Aces – Player of the Season – Vicky Telfer

12.2.Bees – Player of the Season – Russ Moody

12.3.Ladies – Player of the Season – Mirella Lamarina

12.4.Kevan Hobbis Trophy – Phil Heads (seven people got votes which indicates a spread of people doing things for the club)

13.   Summer Competitions

13.1.Irwin is posting messages in a dedicated forum on the WVA web site.  Watch there for updated information.  We also have or own forum on our web site – anyone (registered) can post about any upcoming competition they hear of.

14.   Indoor training restarts 2nd September 2012

15.   Advertising – no change in policy

16.   Internal/External communications – no change in policy

17.   A.O.B

17.1.We agreed an official name change for the club to Royal Wootton Bassett Volleyball Club to reflect the name of the district where the club is based.

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