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Recruitment and Publicity

Anyone in the Swindon area, who wants to play, can find us via the Internet. There is probably no other reliable way of finding us. I get a steady trickle of emails, via the web site, plus a few phone calls, from people expressing interest in playing. Best as I can tell fewer than half of those ever turn up at the Lime Kiln.
The site gets about 800 visitors per month (up from 700 last year). They see about 15,000 pages/month (up from last year’s 12,000). The forums reamain the most read pages by a huge margin. I expect most of that will be from the members and our huge fan base.

Wiltshire Volleyball Association

We have continued to run the Mixed Leagues this season.  Irwin has taken on a new Wiltshire role as Beach co-ordinator

Wiltshire Leagues

We registered six players for the Aces Team in the Premier Division - the minimum allowed. We registered 11 (9 last year) players for the Bees, in Division 1, and 12 (8 last year) players for the Ladies and Juniors. There is no restriction on playing above your registered division. We were able to run the 'B' team but we had to share players with the 'A' team for a number of matches.
The ladies had more opportunitites to play this season in the SouthWest squad. There were some instances when we struggled to get a Bees team but we did not have to concede any matches.
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