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We started the season with a return to a Full strength squad of 9 by recruiting Oliver again, Vicky and luckily being joined by Fred.

The biggest change this season was the loss of Phil and replacement with our new setter Vicky. Vicky quickly adjusted to our ageing mens team 'unique' requirements (bad habits!) as hitters as well as getting to our, sometimes very poor, digs. This is no mean feat and she has become a great asset and member of the team often winning MVP as a result.

Andys commitment to training and playing very well at opposite well has allowed Fred to play very effectively at outside a position picking holes in teams or just overpowering them. Jay and Craig have played consistently at outside and have really shone, as ever, in tough serving particularly in close matches, rescuing sets that were all but lost. Olivier, Jorg and I have had to adjust to our new Setter and often poor first ball in but have managed to keep up a good scoring rate and consistent back court and serving.

We were joined at the end of October by Dave Harmer who easily showed his ability as an A Team player. We wish him well as he returns to college.

In the last  league game our closest rivals Salisbury in the League, Erwin showed his ability at middle with Olivier at opposite, creating an unstoppable block at the front. I can only think if he'd have played there against Devises in the Cup we would have won that semi final too!

It has been really great as a coach to be able to play the team as a truly equal squad. I have, at every match, made sure each player gets at least 1 and preferably 2 sets on court. The strength, ability and commitment of the squad has allowed switching multiple players between sets and still winning every match in the League.

After last years disruption to training and the resulting drop in performance in the league it has been great to return to full training.

This year I have emphasised getting as much out off training as possible picking drills and games that allow and force lots of ball time and challenge accuracy using restricted court sizes. I believe this has paid off and also allowed us to enjoy playing games at truing as well as learning. I think the small games in particular have improved our serving accuracy and control of the ball.

I have enjoyed my season as Coach and very much hope to do the same again next year if you agree. I would like to continue to work hard in training through controlled/restricted games and look for ways to improve our technique and that elusive good first pass!

In summary an Excellent season which I hope you have all enjoyed. Lets do equally well at the End of Season Tournament!

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