Club Documents

Treasurer’s report 2012/2013

Fee Type

Amount and frequency


Membership Subscription

£30 Annually

£15 annually (Juniors)

Affiliations, registrations, WVA competition entry fees, insurance, admin, equipment, etc.

Playing fees


£17 monthly (direct debit/cheque)

£8 monthly (Juniors)


Hall hire for training and matches, referees expenses


‘very little beginners’


£3 a session (no registration fee)

As above



Number of players

WB (Ateam;Bteam;Wiltshire league)


SW Women




‘very little beginners’



Summary of accounts as of 11th March 2012

Balance of account at the end May 2012


Total Club income (Sep 12 – March 13)


£978 to chase for outstanding fees

Balance of account at as of 11th March 2013


Total Club Expense (Sep 12 – March 13)



Club Expenses

WB hall hire

£2,168.1 (+£262.80 Apr)

SW Women training


WB Bees New Tops


SW Women (home matches)


Flyers Come &Try session (Jorg)


SW Women (Exeter challenge + Plymouth SW)


Set of balls




Wiltshire League




Total Expenses



Report has been put together with information I received/kept track for the period of September 2012 – March 2013. I have not included April 2013 as I do not have all the information to date.

Current account balance will go down as I have recently sent cheques off for £635 to pay for hall hire.

As it stands our expenses are lower than our income however, I am expecting that there will be some more expenses added to the current total (such as fees that Richard pays, April hall hire, trophies). There are also some members who have not paid all their monthly fees (total of £978). These members have been notified and will be chased for the payment.

I also have cash and cheques that need to be paid in (approx £290).

Current hall hire fees £21.90 per hour.

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