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39th Annual General Meeting (club founded May 1984)

Monday 24th April 2023, 7pm

By videoconference



  1. Welcome / attendees / apologies for absence
  2. Confirm minutes of 2022 AGM – see club website:
  3. Review of season 2022-23 – reports and questions (see reports on club website)
  1. Chair’s report
  2. Head Coach’s report
  3. Treasurer’s report
  1. Plan season 2023-24 (see planning paper on club website)
  2. Elect committee for 2023-24
  3. Note and advise on appointment of volunteer roles for 2023-24 (see below)
  4. Any other business?
  5. Announce and celebrate Club Awards 2022-23 (all sections and age groups)




Elected Committee : all positions to be re-elected:

Chair                                 Phil Heads                                      Willing to serve 2023/24

Treasurer                         Donna Cunningham                      Willing to serve 2023/24

Secretary                          Debbie Hanna                               Standing down; we seek a new volunteer

Welfare Officer               Julie Daniell                                   Willing to serve 2023/24

Head Coach                     Phil Heads                                      Willing to serve 2023/24

We can elect or co-opt additional committee members if we have willing volunteers. 


Volunteer Appointments : positions appointed by the committee, taking advice from members:

                                                                                    Current (2022-23) appointees

Coach (Women)                                                        Cliff Ball + Phil + senior players

Coach (Men)                                                              James Daniell + Madison Smart + Phil

Coach (Junior)                                                           Phil Heads + team of 10 coaches (see Chair’s report for list)

Team Contact : Women SW League                       Helen Morten + Zuzana Pritchard

Team Contact : Wilts Ladies & Junior                    Phil Heads + Donna Cunningham

Team Contact : Men/Mixed A Wilts League          Hayden Daniell

Team Contact : Men/Mixed B Wilts League          Ed Benham

Team Contact : U18/U16                                         Phil Heads

Team Contact : JuVoTo                                            Phil Heads + Kat Grote

WVA Meeting Rep                                                    James Daniell (and sometimes Phil or others)

Social Organiser                                                        40th anniversary events?

Web Administrator                                                   Richard Howells (we contribute to his server rental)

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