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Notes of Annual General Meeting - 09/05/2022

Present: (via video conference)

Male players: Taylor Davis, Bryn Meredith, Kaelen McIntosh, Josh Blackman, Bradley Whitefield, Cameron Fawcett, Sergejs Gubarevs, Sven Kalinda, Josh Ducie, Jimmy Daniell, Hayden Daniell.

Female players: Debbie Hanna, Helen Morten, Gaby La Moreno, Donna Cunningham, Kat Grote, Zuzana Pritchard, Kaitlyn Lamb, Lissa Pitts.

Junior players: Monty Rose, Evan Palmer, Charlie Hawkins, CJ Notman, Kaiden Kerrigan, Robyn Cuthbert, Khai (Caitlyn) Timm, Alicja Jankos.

Others: Phil Heads (Chair, Head Coach), Cliff Ball (Ladies Coach), Julie Daniell (CWO), Hanka ze Zlina, Ben La Moreno (family of members).

Apologies were received from: Emily Tandy, Ed Benham, Marketa Chrabatinova, Hannah Davis, Maisie Daniell, Maddison Smart.

Season 2021/22 reports:
After the welcome by our Chair to 38th AGM, the minutes of the 2021 AGM were referenced and accepted and season 2020/21 reports were referenced and accepted (see club website:

  1. Chair’s Report: (see full report on club website)
  • The club has survived the COVID pandemic and has been able to participate in a full season of volleyball at junior and senior club levels whilst keeping everyone safe.
  • Innovations: The club has been able to provide ‘Sports Mindset Coaching’, buy new equipment and set up a club uniform deal with a supplier.
  • There has been a huge growth in the club as well as a large demand for volleyball. As a result, we currently have growing waiting lists for all club levels.
  • Phil thanked everyone who has represented/played and supported player development this season.
  • We have been able to strengthen our relationship with Lime Kiln Leisure Centre through the pandemic, which has enabled more training flexibility this season.
  1. Head Coach Report: (see full report on club website)
  • This season individual player and team player development has been fantastic. 
  • We have fielded more competitive teams than ever before.
  • Our results have been amazing this season, with junior and senior teams finishing in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place in various leagues and competitions.
  • Phil stated he was incredibly proud of all of our teams’ improvement and successes.   
  1. Treasurers Report: (see full report on club website)
  • The club is in a healthy financial position at the end of this season.
  • We may need to invest in new equipment during the coming season. Members discussed the possibility of purchasing additional volleyballs for each of the training sessions and new nets to make club activities even better.
  • There may be higher sports centre costs to come. 
  • The current plan (so long as sports centre costs stay the same) is to maintain current club membership costs.
  • Donna reminded members now the season has ended standing order and direct debit payments need to be stopped, however any payments that have been made in May will be carried forward to the new season in September.
  • Phil thanked Donna for all her hard work as club treasurer.


Season 2022/23 planning: (see planning paper on club website)


  • The club’s outdoor summer season will commence on 10th May.
  • Discussions about the insurance of non-club members was raised and resolved by inviting non-club members along to play as ‘Day Members’ and keeping an attendance list.
  • However, it was also agreed that people on the club waiting list would be invited to join the summer outdoor sessions ahead of other non-members.
  • Cliff to speak to Volleyball England to get clarity with regards to insurance liability during the summer outdoor season.
  • In conclusion it was agreed that the club would run a couple of sessions to assess the numbers of club members who are attending before inviting new people along.
  • There are 2 x teams interested in entering the Summer Wiltshire 4s competition.
  • There are various summer tournaments that any of our teams can enter, however it will be the responsibility of individuals rather than the club to organise team entries.
  • Phil raised the possibility of offering 2 x training sessions (1 x end of May, 1 x June) to juniors on the waiting list. This was agreed by members during in the meeting.
  • Phil suggested it would be good to have club social events through the summer.


Capacity for each of the training sessions will still be limited to 20 per session. As current members leave, people on the waiting list will be invited to join. 


  • Women’s training will continue on Thursday evenings.
  • Phil has explored the possibility of starting training 15 minutes earlier at 8:15 pm to enable the juniors to finish training at 9:30pm. This would allow the SW ladies to prepare for SW matches with targeted training for 30 mins at the end of each session.  This was positively received the Cliff and SW ladies team members.
  • A discussion then took place on how to further improve the integration of juniors into the senior session for next season, with input from coaches/senior and junior players.
  • Phil suggested the possibility of hiring the whole hall to phase juniors/new members into the session which was positively received.
  • There will be one ladies team entry into the SW League.
  • Future SW home matches will be played at Lime Kiln rather than at Lavington which will allow for spectators, in particular junior members to help develop their game.
  • Multiple teams will also be entered in the Ladies and Juniors competition.  




  • Phil will explore option of hiring the whole hall at the start of the start of season to try and aid junior transition into senior training. However, this may be problematic as the hall is used by another sports club at the same time.
  • The plan is to enter two teams into the Wiltshire Mixed League and Dave Kinder cup.
  • Home games will take place on Thursdays and Sundays (6 x training date interruptions).
  • The struggle of getting A and B team members to referee each other’s home games was highlighted.  One main problem being the large number of juniors playing who rely on parents for transport. 
  • It was discussed and agreed that a rota will be set up next season to help combat this issue.  
  • Brad suggested there needed to be a smoother transition from the junior training session ended to the men’s training session starting.  Phil agreed and has suggested finishing the juniors slightly earlier to allow the men to set up and be ready to start training at their allotted time.


  • The club discussed moving junior training session times to allow the use of the whole hall and new long net (as opposed to badminton nets), giving the juniors more space and more grouping options for training.
  • Phil to explore the possibility of moving Sunday training session start times to 4/4:30pm (if it can be made to work logistically/financially).
  • Phil would also like the club to host occasional events (which would require volunteers from club to help).
  • The plan next season is to play all ages in the SW Junior Tour again following the successes of this season.
  • Older juniors will also enter junior competitions, such as, the Grandprix events and the Wiltshire Ladies and Juniors League.

Election of committee officers:

Elected committee - all positions were confirm as elected/ re-elected for 2022/23 and agreed by all persons present.

Volunteers to be appointed by the committee

Coach (Women) = Cliff Ball

Coach (Men/Mixed) = James Daniell, Laura Kulmala and Madison Smart

Coach (Junior) = Phil Heads assisted various coaches from ladies and men’s teams

Team Contact (Women SW League) = Helen Norrvall + Zuzana Pritchard

Team Contact (Junior SW & Wilts Competitions) = Phil Heads and other volunteers

Team Contact (Men/Mixed A Wilts League) = Hayden Daniell

Team Contact (Men/Mixed B Wilts League) = Ed Benham

Junior tournaments (e.g.Grandprix) = Phil Heads + Debbie Hanna

WVA Meeting Rep = James Daniell, Phil Heads + Committee take turns

Social Organiser = Kaelen McIntosh + any member

Web Administrator = Richard Howells

Brad Whitefield, Lissa Pitts and Evan Palmer also volunteered to take on responsibilities as needed.



Club awards

Voted for by club members

Best/Most Improved Players Awards:

  • U12 Boys – Oliver Gardner
  • U12 Girls – Anya Steimer
  • U14 Boys – CJ Notman
  • U15 Girls – Khai (Caitlyn) Timm
  • U15 Boys – Rory Bryant
  • U16 Girls – Hannah Kachika
  • U18 Girls – Lauren Hanna
  • U18 Boys – Evan Palmer
  • Wilts/Ladies Juniors Hounds – Millie Cuthbert
  • Wilts/Ladies Juniors Allsorts – Kaiden Kerrigan
  • Womens SW League – Marketa Chrabatinova
  • Men Mixed A Team – Aron Bailey
  • Men Mixed B Team – Taylor Davis

Kevan Hobbis Award

  • 1st Place - Phil Heads
  • 2nd Place - Jimmy Daniell
  • Award of Honorary Life Membership to Cliff Ball
  • Through this award we recognize and value Cliff’s outstanding service to Royal Wootton Bassett Volleyball Club during its 38-year (and counting) history.  As a founder member, Cliff has been a driving force in our club’s development and in many competitive successes.  For most of the last 38 years he has been a player and/or coach, as well as leading the club in various committee roles including Chairman (not to mention acting as keeper of our historical records).  He has always been a passionate ambassador for volleyball and for our club – in our local community, and through his various commitments to Wiltshire and South West Volleyball.
  • The committee proposed and members agreed this special and unique award to Cliff.

Any other business

  • Brad volunteered he may have contacts who are able to access sports equipment and sports grants for the club.
  • Phil requested anybody with details of potential new members for the club to forward their details to him to be added to the club waiting list.

Club AGM 7pm-8:50pm

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