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I guest at Wapping Wildcats

Wow - was that an eye opener!

Fed up with everyone else having fun and playing outdoors whilst I prop up a bar in London I decided to find a London based club I could visit.  I did dismiss "Dynamo Dykes Volleyball Club - the first lesbian volleyball club (".  Even though they are closest.  I didn't think I'd meet the entry requirements.  I chose the Wapping Wildcats ( partly because the email exchange happened and seemed very friendly.  It's a half hour on the tube.  They were very friendly.

There were 26 people there with a single court.  Their warm up was 45 minutes and left me completely worn out.  Then we did a few fairly ordinary passing/volleying/hitting drills.  Then we did some standard hitting/blocking drills though 4 and through 3. I blocked a Japanese girl, who stands barely chest high to me, she nearly took my hand off!

Then we did some really complex hitting drills with the attacking hitter and a distracter crossing over in the run in to the net.  Surprisingly no-one got injured.

Finally we did play a few matches.  It was a fun evening.  I enjoyed it and I met some very nice people.  I'll be going back.  That was a fiver well spent!

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