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We took a scratch team to Epsom yesterday (8 July).  Matt, Si, John from Devizes, Padge and Vicky from Calne, Jodie and me from Bassett.  We came second in our pool in the morning.  We lost on points diff to a good Polish team (whom we'd had to play first when we barely knew each other's names and wern't sure what system we were playing). 

Then we beat the team that came second in one of the other pools.  A meaningless match really - it didn't lead us into another stage of the competition or anything.

Given the choice of swimming or rounders at lunchime the girls chose to sunbathe (Ok so did the boys!).  Jodie came closest to swimming when John tipped water on her.

We came second in a different pool in the afternoon.  The competition was running a bit late by then - we eschewed watching the final in favor of scooting off to the local Toby Inn Carvery.

Got a stack of pictures - thanks to my co-photographers Jodie and Vicky - I'm still pruning the collection.  It will get on to the gallery soon.

In a post-script I got a phone call from the organiser on Monday.  By buying most of the raffle tickets sold (the other teams wern't very generous) we won four of the raffle prizes.  Padge wins 2, Viky, Jodie and Matt one each!

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