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Both teams at home tonight.  Two wins.

Bees on first against Salisbury Warlocks.  They are doing pretty well in our division so a win against them is good.  We dropped the second set, by the smallest of margins - but 2-1 is a result.

The A's on second against Olympiad.  A tight match also going 2-1 to Bassett.  We were late finishing and many thanks to the centre staff for letting us overrun to about 10:15.  Thanks People!

Stupid ups and downs. 

It seemed to get better until mid December.  By then the major swelling in my foot had gone, but there was still a globe around my ankle.  Today I went to the Osteopath.  He wonders if, despite the negative X-Ray, there was maybe a fracture after all.  The bone appears to be laying down callus.  Callus is the precursor to forming new bone. 

There can be multiple reasons for that, so it's not conclusive.  It would be an explanation why, up until December, the lower part of my shin was very sensitive to the slightest squeeze.  He manipulated and massaged the ankle, declaring that all the parts seemed to be in pretty much the correct places.  He also suggested some exercises that might help shift the swelling. 

His opinion?  "It might be a couple of months yet."  Bummer!

Today - it's been fairly mobile.  It does not feel strong, but it's the first day I have been able to walk almost normally.  I can even get up stairs w/o having to do them one at a time.

It felt good when I woke up.  Ah - been lying down all night that's probably why.

During the day it's been getting more aggressively uncomfortable.  When I got back to my hotel room - I discovered why.  It's swollen even more and most of it is black.  OTOH today there seems to have been more movement in the ankle even if the foot has a strange colour.

Back in my hotel room at the moment I am sitting with it on a chair (caused a riot in the bar/restaurant earlier).  It's less uncomfortable that way.


Last Sunday at the Dave Kinder Cup match I suffered a turned ankle. I jumped for a block. On returning to ground I discovered that, instead of the usual flat floor of a sport centre, I landed on the foot of one of my teammates. An instant turn of the ankle was far too painful to stay on court. I couldn’t stand on it.


Luckily I could drive home and on to the GWH. There the X-Ray was clear. I can just about walk – so long as I don’t try to go far. I still have not really worked out a good way of negotiating stairs. It’s not too painful so long as I do not try to move it outside the (limited) range of movement it can cope with.


Sadly this week is a training course, and I will need to be walking all round the classroom for the week. At the moment I cannot imagine playing next weekend, maybe the week after.


In some ways I had been disappointed at the lack of pretty colours on my foot. Premature I think. I’m now seeing a whole collection of magic colours beginning to come...
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I went to Whitechapel again to train with the London Lynx crowd.  As always they were very friendly.  A great session which I thoroughly enjoyed.  It's very kind of them to put up with me when I only show up about half a dozen times per year.

As we did one of the drills it did make me think that only a couple of years ago I couldn't get enough plays together to contribute very effectively to *any* kind of drill, today I felt quietly pleased that I could produce a reasonably reliable dig and get a soft smash vaguely near enough that the player could actually play it.

Most of this progress is down to a load of patience from the coaches at Wootton Bassett plus a couple of comments from other players that somehow came at the exact time when I was able to take them on board and use them to change the way I play.  Mike, the other week, was on at me to "stay low" in back court.  For some reason - that week I was receptive and it's transformed the number of balls I can get to in back court.  Thanks Mike.

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We started again last night - Whoo-hoo!

An interesting session.  The Sports Centre replaced the Volleyball equipment over the summer - very nice of them.  The new posts are lovely.  Just one problem, the net is not really competition grade and the head cord is too short to reach between the posts!  Duh!  I had nagged the centre manager a few times over the summer about us coming along, getting it all set up, and maybe knocking a few balls over it.  This was partly so we would know what to do with the new kit and partly about making sure it all worked together.

Lindsay - the duty manager - was wonderful.  She did everything she could to help us out.  With the aid of some extension cord and a few bits of string we were able to get something workable for a training session.

Sixteen people showed up.  Three people new to the club - (It was great to meet you.  I hope you had a great time and you'll stay around).  WE had a few apologies as well so we know there are more in the wings.

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Down to Coate water.  It's 6:45 and there's only three of us there - Irwin, Dani, Me.  It's the first time I have managed to get to play on sand this year and I really want to play!  I'm worried it might not happen!  We put up the net, begin to knock a ball about, and gradually folks arrive.  We end up enough to play seven on six!  Great evening.

We met two new ladies who were intrigued enough to come and play with us.  They abandoned their plan to go a pilates class. 

So Laurence (France), and Celia (Norway), we enjoyed having your company.  If you had a good time do come along and enjoy Volleyball again.  We play on grass over at Lydiard Park on Wednesdays so there's another chance to join in and have even more fun.

Finally to the pub with Jodie and Dani to talk about weird interview questions (!?! - Eg - How many hairdressers are there in Cologne?) and fail to answer any (OK Jodes - you got some) questions in the pub quiz.

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I tried leaving the strapping off my finger today.  It’s so odd to be able to type again!  Sufficiently odd that I cannot really do it properly! 

It's still about half as wide again as it should be.  It is completely painless unless abused in some way.  It won't straighten, and it won't bend much.  But left alone it is fine.  Just what you want in a finger!


The A team had a major match (semi-final of the KO Cup) on Sunday.  (News click here and pictures click here.)  

We (B-team) turned up to officiate.  The lads did well and won 3 sets to 1 so there was a bit of spare time and an impromptu game got started.  I could not resist.  I went on to play back court only - I refused to hit - that would have been really stupid, but I thought that careful digging should be pretty safe; and if I was really cautious to keep my little finger out of the picture then overhead passing should be OK too.

The finger didn't complain and I had a good time.

Brilliant - LOVE IT. , ,...
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